Friday, 17 October 2014

American Staghound

American Staghound are the site hound dog species origin United States. Alias ​​is cold - Buraddeddo Greyhound.


They are dogs that have been produced in the 19th century, It was a breed that has been made ​​by people who do develop in the western United States. England Greyhound in order to strong and powerful dog species in the fleet-footed, Scotland Scottish Deerhound, Irish Irish wolfhound, was made ​​by mating the borzoi of Russia.

It had been used to hunt large animals such as wolves, after the reduction of the wolf, it has been used as hunting for deer hunting. In a typical breed in the US today, and it is kept as pets as well as hunting. In addition, a small amount is in, it is also exported abroad.


Because of the site hound, muzzle, neck, torso, legs, tail is long. Have a firm figure in delicate, but its appearance is a powerful breed a contrary tough. Broken ear saber-shaped tail dripping in coat wire coat, hair color, such as blue or black. Withers height 61 ~ 77cm, in large dogs weighing 20 ~ 45kg, personality is quiet obedience. Momentum is very large.


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